This Guy Used 13,799 Dominoes to Represent the History of the Universe

The history of the universe is long and extremely complex. But it can be better understood when you set up a giant domino fall where each domino represents 1 million years in the universe's history.
Jessica Miley

There are many ways to try and visualize the complex history of the universe. You can watch time lapses and examine scaled down models. 

But what about a giant domino fall where 1 domino equals 1 million years of our universe’s history? The Scope of Science host, Kurtis Baute does just that. Setting up a massive domino fall that goes a long way to be a comprehensive way to explain the history of the universe. 

The set up took Baute four days to complete inside a giant warehouse where the dominoes, twist and turn to ensure there is enough space. Boute sets off the dominoes with a ‘big bang’ setting them falling. 

As they fall he jogs alongside and narrates what is happening at each moment in our universe's history. Baute describes the big events that have had an impact on the formation of Earth, such as the creation of the Milky Way.

So named by the Greeks who thought it resembled spilled milk in the night sky. Baute also describes how science is still very unsure of exactly what happened during our universe's long history. 

Towards the end of the fall, a lot happens all at once - dinosaurs and humans to name a few. As the final domino falls Baute explains that it is actually only the last three dominos of the 13,799 used, in which humans exist. It really goes a long way to think about just how insignificant we really are.