This Guy Uses Common House Bricks to Get an Incredible Double-Domino Effect

Creating a domino wave with bricks can result in the super satisfying double-domino effect.
Jessica Miley

Everyone loves a giant domino wave. You know the effect you get when you stick dominos on their side equal distance apart before setting one off in a chain reaction destruction. The next step up from this is getting what’s known as the 'double domino' effect. This is when after the first wave hits the end of the line, the dominos fall back the other way. The following video achieves just this, but with something slightly larger than a domino - a common house brick. It works so perfectly well and will satisfy all those viewers out there that enjoy videos of ‘the most satisfying things in the world’ compilations.

To get your own brick wave going you’ll need a long flat area and 40 or so common house bricks. Start by laying the bricks end to end with no gaps, so they form one long line. From there you’ll need to raise each brick up on its end making sure you don’t move it out of position. As the bricks fall they will end up resting just on the edge of the one in front. As the final brick in the line falls and lies flat, the others can then also fall flat one at a time, starting from the final brick and working its way back to the start.