This Hexacopter Build Video will Make You Want to DIY Your Own Drone

YouTuber Constructed shows off his latest multirotor build in this inspiring video. The DIY enthusiast pours hours (and money) into the impressive machine.
Jessica Miley

Need some inspiration to take the next step in your building your own drone or multirotor? Then check out his massive DIY multirotor build from Constructed. Constructed puts together and flies the Tarot 690s Hexacopter with seriously nice results. Constructed admits you need a pretty decent budget to put this machine together, but that hasn’t stopped them dreaming about the building a DJI s1000. This video doesn’t go into all the nitty-gritty knowledge required to assemble something of this magnitude, but Constructed has promised that follow-up video is coming soon.

The rise of DIY drone construction has risen exponentially in the last two to three years. While it is still an expensive hobby, the parts have definitely dropped in price and the parts are much easier to access. Hobbyists fall into a range of categories, some are building aircraft to use for drone photography, others for the thrill of the build and other still are focussed only on speed. While a lot of the work goes on in basements and tool sheds, a tight online and offline community has formed around the ‘sport’. There are DIY drone and UAV meetups in most cities around the world and some very active forums where knowledge can be shared and friendly competition performed. Constructed tests their latest build in their backyard and we recommend you do the same before heading out to your local park. Local laws vary regarding drones vary considerably from country to country so check what's relevant to you before you hit the skies.