This Hobbyist Created a Do-It-Yourself Giant Flying Lego Helicopter Drone

The chopper comes complete with a rotating blade up top.
Loukia Papadopoulos

RC hobbyist Adam Woodworth makes custom drones and not to be undone; he now created a giant flying LEGO helicopter drone complete with the little figurine. Woodworth had the small LEGO helicopter from six years old and decided to build a giant flying version ten times the size.

The big version is made with foam, and the whole thing weighs only about 4 pounds making it light enough to fly easily. Using insulation foam, he made a lightweight but rigid helicopter made from laser cuts.

Don't let the rotating blade at the top fool you. A big square blade wouldn't provide a lot of lift and is therefore purely decoration. But it has a little propeller to make it spin for show.

The actual lift comes from a quadrotor that is hidden in the legs. The whole helicopter needed a fair amount of tuning and Woodworth had to do quite some testing to ensure it flies before he finished it and painted it.

The result is a flying LEGO helicopter that is mesmerizing to watch.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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