This Homemade Brass Shotgun Round Can Rip Through Anything

Kathleen Villaluz

There's just something about men and guns. The idea of shooting and blowing things up seem to strike a wonderful chord with them. And even the types of ballistic pellets that they can use has a range of their own. Just like this YouTuber who makes his own slug pellets and records himself firing the shotgun rounds and showing his online audience the results.

Ballistic Machinist designs and makes various shotgun slugs which he tests on cool things like a ballistic gel then gives them away to one of his subscribers. In this specific video, he made a brass round nose pellet for a 12 gauge and fired a few rounds of the pellets using his Mossberg bolt action shotgun. Now, it's important not just for the pellet maker to recover the rounds but most of all for his YouTube subscribers as he gives them away to a selected commenter in his videos. Having made a few of these brass round nose pellets, he fire tested on other materials like a 138 piece of polycarbonate, a bowling ball, and a chunk of wood. What would make a cool shotgun video is if he would include slow motion versions of the fire tests as it would be interesting to see how the slug pellet travels along a material. For example, the ballistic gel shot would be great for a slow motion shot as it would show how the pellet penetrates through, although it may be blurry. It's just a suggestion though.