This Homemade Syringe Operated Hydraulic Excavator Is Incredible

Jessica Miley

We know there is basically an infinite supply of 'how-to' videos out there. Most are useful to figure out how to do something when you are stuck, then occasionally you find one that really blows your mind. Like this brilliant video from Navin Khambhala, who shows us how to make a Remote Control Hydraulic Excavator / JCB at home.

Normally these videos use a lot of voice over to explain everything, but Khambhala, just goes ahead and constructs the functioning excavator using relatively simple materials.

Created mainly from house glue and timber boards, the finished product is really cool. By the end, the little machine is a fully functional digger, being able to scoop thanks to its ingenious hydraulic system created from household syringes and it can even move around thanks to some basic robotics and remote control gear.