This DIY Coin Sorting Machine Is Made out of Cardboard

With just a little glue, a motor, and lots of imagination, you can create a cardboard coin sorting machine.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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Cardboard is not only good for boxes. It can be used in all kinds of applications, even for making a remote-controlled tank. But what else can be made with cardboard?

This video shows a coin sorting machine made out of cardboard. The process is fairly simple to follow, although it does require some expertise. First, using glue, create the separate sections where the coins will go.

Then, using another cardboard draw two circles one inside the other, and cut along the bigger circle. Along these lines draw coin-sized smaller circles all around the now circular piece of cardboard and cut them out.

On another piece of cardboard cut five rectangles, one for each type of coin. Stick a motor on the backside of this piece of cardboard. This motor will be used to turn the circular piece of cardboard around. Once you have connected the motor to the round piece put an on and off switch at the top of your machine.

Glue on the rest of the cardboard pieces to make your machine separate the coins by size. Create a separate section to place the coins in so they can fall into the round separator. Add small boxes at the end of each different coin section. You now have a functioning cardboard coin sorting machine!