This Huge Cigarette Lighter Can Easily Burn Down a Small Tree

BrainFooTv host has created this giant cigarette lighter for some super-sized and super dangerous fun. Don't try this how-to video at home!
Jessica Miley

Making already cool stuff much much bigger never gets old. In this case, the energetic inventor behind the YouTube channel BrainFooTV has supersized a cigarette lighter to epic proportions. The base of the lighter is a standard which gets souped up with a series of modifications until it can throw a flame almost 8-foot tall.

This is definitely not a how-to video! BrainFooTV hosts make it clear, several times, that this is a potentially very dangerous project and should not be attempted at home without some heavy base knowledge and serious safety precautions.

Learning how to make this technical project work is fun, but more entertaining is finding out what it can do. BrainFooTV demonstrates the massive lighter in several entertaining ways igniting a series of balloon strings.

In a follow-up video, he takes the testing to a whole new level using the giant lighter to light a cigarette and birthday candles with ridiculous results. He then uses the potential weapon to do a spot of gardening by setting a small tree on fire.

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We can’t emphasize enough just how dangerous this crazy invention is - so please do not try this at home. If you are looking for a project to try at home, BrainFooTV has a series of more achievable How-Tos including a very loud and cheap horn and some very cool tiny bow and arrows.

BrainFoo describes his channel as ‘Random science projects and DIY builds that are easy to follow and great fun too.’ We can’t agree more.

Via: BrainfooTV

This Huge Cigarette Lighter Can Easily Burn Down a Small Tree

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