This Hydrophobic Coating Repels Oils and Liquids off Almost Any Surface

The Ultra Ever Dry Coating can repel oil and water with astonishing results.
Jessica Miley

Ultra Ever Dry coating completely repels water and oil-based liquids. The clever coating uses proprietary omniphobic technology to create an invisible texture on surfaces that can repel water, some oils, wet concrete, and other liquids with incredible efficiency. Unlike other hydrophobic coatings, UltraDry has a very high abrasion resistance. It can be in applications where the surfaces are under stress or need long durability. UltraDry can be used in a variety of applications from coating engines and tools to protecting equipment from spills or weather. UV does adversely reduce the efficiency of the coating but its manufacturers are currently developing a UV resistant version.

The coating is applied in two separate coats. The bottom coat acts as a primer bonding with most materials. The bottom coat then provides a consistent layer for the top coat to join with creating a creating finely textured geometry. The top layer of the top coat is made up of patterns of geometric shapes and billions of interstitial spaces. The ‘bumps’ in this surface help to create a low surface energy, which means the liquid droplets only end up making contact with a very low percentage of the coating. The coating leaves a hazy translucent white color when applied but custom colors and a transparent formula are also being developed.

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