This ‘Impossible Screw’ Trick Will Have You Staring in Disbelief

This Do it Yourself hack could be a great joke or an almost-magical trick to pull off at a hardware party.
Donovan Alexander

Once in a while, the internet will provide a video that will have you asking: how the heck did that happen? Maybe it was magic, voodoo, or some sort of interesting engineering, but it has got you stumped. Today is one of those days.

In the appropriately titled “The Impossible Screw will drive you nuts”, the YouTuber from Latheman’s Crazy Machines shows off a screw that will have you scratching your head in disbelief.  

The screw and brass bolt only seem to move in one direction, clockwise, no matter how the YouTuber holds the screw, yet when he puts pressure on both ends of the screw, he is able to move the screw counter clockwise. What type of witchcraft is that?

The YouTuber breaks down how the screw works in the video, so if you want to understand the secret behind this trick you are going to have to watch the video. The impossible screw is the YouTuber's own creation and can be a great last-minute gift for those who appreciate small workshop gifts.

Latheman’s Crazy Machines is a YouTube channel curated for those who appreciate model engineering, scientific stuff, cats, and of course cool little machines. Be sure to stop by the channel.

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