This Incredible Flashlight is Powered By Salt Water

Hydra-Light requires no battery or charging. Simply dip its HydraCell in water to get 100 hours of use.
Jessica Miley

The Hydra-Light flashlight doesn't need batteries or any charging, the revolutionary gadget actually uses water to power its bulb. The flashlight has a patent pending hydra-fuel cell that is activated when it comes in contact with a liquid. Simply dip the fuel cell into water for 10 seconds to get 100 hours of torchlight.

The flashlight is designed to not only act as a light perfect for emergency situations but can be sat on a table and used as a lamp by lifting up the light's casing. The flashlight is not particularly powerful and it is quite an ugly chunky design, but in true emergency situations, when there is no possibility of batteries or solar, then this is an awesome gadget that could get you out of a dark and tricky situation.

Hydra-Light makes flashlights and lanterns in a variety of sizes and shapes for different uses and looks set to continue their range in the future. The company is committed to ensuring that the manufacturing of their products is completed in a fair and ethical manner with respect to international labor laws. The technology which uses water to power the battery is brilliant and could be applied to emergency housing or similar scenarios in the case of natural emergencies. The technology is also of interest to those who want a sustainable and economical way to create light in their off-grid homes. The Hydra-Light products come with a 25-year shelf life guarantee.