This Incredible Pen Scans Notes to Your Computer Instantly

The Scanmarker pen transforms printed text into its digital form instantly. It is also a portable translation tool and learning aid.
Jessica Miley

Taking notes from texts is a laborious process usually involving highlighting sections of text to make digital notes form later. But this new product called, Scanmarker, send your highlighted text straight to your laptop or device. Simply run the marker over printed text and it will send the text using Bluetooth directly to your device. It works using a patented image processing technology that captures the scanned text as a raw image and processed then process to a high-quality image that is then ready for recognition by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. The marker is compatible with whatever software you are using the text appears where you direct it, doesn’t matter if it is Word documents, Excel, Gmail or even Facebook . or any other application, the text appears directly where you would like it. The text is ready for editing and sharing immediately. 

The marker is also a portable translating tool. Just select which language you want to translate, slide the marker over your document and the translated text will appear on your device. The pen can translate over 40 languages including Polish, Albanian, Brazilian, Portuguese and Romanian. Not just for students and academics, the pen has versatility in business applications too. It can be transformed into a reliable and cost-effective barcode scanner. Just slide the pen over the barcode to receive detailed product information. The final incredible feature of the Scanmarker is its text-to-speech function. As you scan the integrated technology can read the scanned text back to you.