This Incredibly Cool Music Video Features Real-Life Robots As Band Members

Nigel John Stanford taught a bunch of robots how to play musical intruments for his latest music video. The robots show off their slick moves before turning against their teacher.
Jessica Miley

Nigel John Stanford is obsessed with music and robots. In the music video for his latest single, Stanford combines his two loves. The video for the single, Automatica, features a bunch of robots as Stanford's band playing guitar, piano, keyboard, and drums. The beautiful orange machines create a spooky atmosphere of what the future might hold, as Stanford directs the robots in a Matrix-esque costume.

Stanford hails from New Zealand and in a past life was a tech entrepreneur. Success in that industry means he can now focus all his time on his true passion of music. This latest video is from a series of elaborate videos that Stanford has created with a focus on tech and space. It took Stanford a month to teach the robotic arms how to play the instruments we see in the video. 

In the story of the video, the robots learn the instruments a little too well and end up revolting against their strict conductor, smashing the guitars, destroying the piano and the video ends in robot chaos. Stanford reportedly did all of the robot engineering himself. He says “I think it's important to come at the scientific aspects from the perspective of a musician."

Stanford’s music has been previously used in projects with NASA and the European Space Agency. You can download the whole album from his website.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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