This Inflatable Spa Will Help You Get Over the Winter Blues

The Canadian Spa Company has developed a inflatable spa perfect for your outdoor porch. The cozy hot tub even comes with an aromatherapy dispenser.
Jessica Miley

If the winter blues have got you down, why not try an outdoor spa? While it seems crazy to be naked when it’s snowing, In many countries that experience long cold winters, hanging out in hot water while the snow falls is the best way to survive the big freeze. The Canadian Spa Company has a great solution to make this dream one step closer to reality. They have developed an inflatable spa, perfect for your backyard or porch. It comes with a thick inflated insulting lid and thermal blanket to keep the water warm between dips. The spa has high walls that allow adults to comfortably submerge their shoulders to add to the warmth and relaxation of the experience. To make spa time even cozier, the company provides an aromatherapy kit. The kit fills the hot tub with a light scent that will soothe and relax.

The spa can be filled with quickly using its built-in pump and the water is heated by simply plugging in the attached heater to your usual wall outlet. Hot tubs do have a reputation for often containing bad bacteria that can make you sick. This is because unfiltered water can host dangerous bacteria. The inflatable spa from the Canadian Spa Company is equipped with the cutting edge of spa filtration systems. The system uses natural silver ions prevent bacteria building up on the filters. The filters also remove impurities from the water and keep the water cleaner and safer longer