This Informative Video Will Show You How Modern CNC Machines Actually Work

This informative video will give you a foundation in the basics of CNC machining.
Jessica Miley

CNC machines or more precisely Computer Numerically Controlled machines are electromechanical devices that manipulate tools on a number of axes. Usually working with 3 or 5 axes, the machine takes its instructions from a computer program.

CNC machining is what is known as a subtractive process, where the material is removed from a solid or larger object to achieve the finished product. This is a contract to additive manufacturing like 3D printing, where the material is generated to form an object.

CNC machines were first invented in the 40s and 50s. At the time, they were fairly rudimentary but quickly developed into highly sophisticated machines that create many of the products and parts that we encounter in our daily lives.

In this highly educative video from Concerning Reality, you'll learn about how these fascinating machines work and how we use them. The video describes the three most common tooling techniques, drilling, lathes and milling machines.

Each of these tooling techniques produces a different result or effect. Because almost any material can be used in a CNC machine from plastic to titanium, each time a new object is created the engineer or designer needs to think through a series of unique challenges relating to the combination of material and tooling technique.

CNC machined parts are all around us from under your car bonnet to in a SpaceX rocket. Watch the whole video to get a thorough understanding of the principles of modern CNC machines.