This Insanely Skilled Archer Can Shoot Around Corners

Lars Andersen is a YouTube sensation. In his latest video, he demonstrates how to shoot arrows around corners.
Jessica Miley

Move over Katniss Everdeen, Lars Andersen can shoot an arrow around corners. The astoundingly skilled archer has mastered the skill of shooting arrows around targets. Andersen suggests that both Arabic and English histories have records of their archers achieving this seemingly unbelievable feat. In this video from Andersen, you can see him shoot arrows around corners, over walls and then terrifyingly around people. Please do not try this at home! Andersen suggests the skill, while visually impressive is actually pretty easy and can be mastered by any experienced archer.

If you want to try and start experimenting with the technique yourself, Andersen suggests obtaining arrows that have extra resistance at their tip, an arrow with extra feathers in front of the tip will work. Once you have your arrows, place it off center to the bow, about one hand's width from the center. When the arrow is released this wrong centering pushes the back of the arrow to one side, and then the air resistance causes the arrow to rotate back, this makes the arrow turn.

Andersen describes himself as a painter and writer. His other archer videos have attracted huge views but many claim the videos to be fraudulent. The history of archery is a hotly debated topic, some historians believe there is evidence of the weapon dating back to the upper Palaeolithic era (late stone age), while others maintain that the history of archery is only around 10,000 years old.

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