This Is How a Fitness App Revealed Secret Military Bases

The map created a giant heat map of all its users around the world.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Fitness apps are great for... well, fitness! But did you know they can have other more covert purposes such as revealing secret military bases?

YouTuber Half as Interesting brings us the story of one such app, and it is one that is hard to believe. The YouTuber is cautious when sharing the story, beginning with a boring intro on bricks.

Once he is assured that it is too boring for the military to keep listening, he shares the story of the fitness app Strava. Strava tracks your runs, bikes, swims, and more sports activities.

It also produced in 2018 a giant Strava heat map that showed where around the world people were using the app and with how much intensity. The movement-tracking map ended up revealing a secret military base in Yemen.

Yes, indeed, it seems soldiers also like using Strava, and as such, the app tracked them on its giant map. This, as you can guess, resulted in people noticing there was a lot of activity in a secret location in Yemen.

What happened next? We won't tell you that. Half as Interesting does a better job of explaining that. We will tell you it will shock you!

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