This Is How Airlines Decide Where to Fly

Deciding where to fly can make or break an airline. Wendover Production shares how airlines go about it.

Deciding where to fly can make or break an airline. It is an art that is very complicated and elusive.

In this video, Wendover Production explains how airlines go about trying to figure out how and where to fly. Two questions they need to answer to plan properly are "how many people want to go there?" and "how much are they willing to pay?"

For figuring out, the first question airlines have quite some data from other flights. For new locations though they have to reach out to travel booking sites. The latter sell this data to market research companies and airlines.

Once the airlines have the locations, they need to figure out how much people are willing to pay to fly there. The whole process gets a little more complex from there. We won't tell you about it here. You have to watch the video for that. This video will help you learn all you need to know about how airlines decide where to fly.

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