This is How Biofluorescence Works in Nature

SciShow explains the science behind why certain creatures glow under neon lights.

Did you know that many animals glow under neon lights? Scorpions, other invertebrates, fish, amphibians reptiles, birds and even a squirrel all have biofluorescence.

This ancient trait might be a signature of life itself and works with the pigments in the animals. Fluorescent molecules absorb the light energy and then relax and kick out a new photon that creates the new color.

This is nothing new. There are even rocks and minerals that have biofluorescence. However, some animals fluoresce for a reason and others seem to have no reason at all.

The good people at SciShow explain all this in great detail outlining the evolutionary reasons for biofluorescence and how it shows up in different animals and corals. We won't give you more details.

You have to watch the video for that. We will tell you the clip will address every question you ever had about this natural phenomenon that so many creatures exhibit.



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