This Is How Dental Implants Are Fitted

Losing a tooth as an adult doesn't have to be a disaster. New tooth implant methods have a 98% success rate.
Jessica Miley

Losing a tooth as an adult can be a very traumatic experience. Teeth in recent years have become an important status symbol of wealth and class. Straight white teeth are often seen as a sign of good health and vitality. Look no further than the red carpet where Hollywood actors beam at is with rows of perfect pearly whites. There are lots of products you can use at home to whiten or at least brighten your own teeth, but what happens if you lose an adult tooth?

Losing a tooth as a child can be a very fun experience, there is the initial joy of discovering a wobbly tusk and then once it falls out (either naturally or with some assistance) you might be lucky to receive a gift from the Tooth Fairy. But as an adult losing a tooth is more likely to happen as the result of an accident or poor health. But all is not lost, where once an adult with a missing tooth might have either been told to just get on with it, or endure an uncomfortable false tooth, now there are some incredible methods for tooth implants that will leave your grin gapless. The modern method involves cutting open the gums to expose the jawbone, a small hole is then drilled into the bone. From here a proprietary implant is screwed directly into the bone. A cover is placed over it and the gum is stitched and allowed to heal. Once the inflammation has gone done and the body has accepted the new object, dentists reopen the gums, remove the cover, and implant the tooth onto the implant. This method has a 98% success rate.