This is How Ferroelectricity Could Revolutionize the Way We Store Data

The field that took more than 80 years of searching finally got a breakthrough in 2018 and what it may achieve is impressive.
Loukia Papadopoulos

If you have never heard of ferroelectricity do not worry, many have not. But you may want to find out more because it might be the key to revolutionizing how we store data.

The field that took more than 80 years of studies to get a breakthrough in 2018 finally. And now it is advancing at an impressive speed.

Everything you need to know about all these impressive data-storing properties and potential applications can be found on this great video by Seeker

"This hidden ferroelectric “particle” has evaded scientists for years until recent studies have now discovered it and hacking into their potential," states the video's description.