This Is How Freight Trains Connect the World

Freight trains are a cost-efficient smart way to connect the world over. This video explains the hows and whys.

In countries where land is far from the ocean, freight trains are key to connecting the world. They provide low-cost freight transport the world over, and Wendover Production has made this video to explain exactly how they do that.

Ships are the main method of freight transport globally. But for populations without access to the sea, another cost-efficient freight method is needed. This is where trains come in.

Trains are so cheap because they are quite efficient, especially compared to their main competitors trucks. This is because trains don't have much friction and encounter less resistance. "Their smooth steel wheels run over smooth steel tracks," explains the video's narrator, so there is is very little friction compared to trucks.

"In addition, since a train is one long line there is much less wind resistance per ton than a truck," continues the narrator. The rest of the video goes through all the many logistics involved in the freight train industry.

The outlook is a very cost-effective well-designed system that offers a great method for freight transportation. This video is a must watch for any train fans or just those concerned with efficiency in transport.

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