This Is How Robots Are Created

Robots have infiltrated almost every industry in today's world but did you know they were first created all the way back in 1966?
Loukia Papadopoulos

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Once upon a time, robots seemed like something you only see in science fiction films. But in the last few years, robots have been popping up everywhere

The rapid progress of artificial intelligence (AI) combined with other innovations has seen the emergence of robots in almost every industry from space travel to agriculture. However, did you know that the first-ever robot to embody artificial intelligence was created back in the 1960s?

In the year 1966, Shakey was engineered and the bot could assess its surroundings, make plans to perform a goal, monitor the execution of a plan, and even correct its own errors. In fact, some of the algorithms used in robots and AI today have directly descended from Shakey. Impressive!

Robotics have advanced so much today that pretty much anyone can create their own robot. Robot DIY kits are readily available and they provide all the instructions and pieces you could ever need to create your own robot. The only limit is your imagination.

Indeed, what would you use your own robot for? Would it be a robot strictly for work or for entertainment? Would you use it for practical purposes or to show off?  Whatever you choose to use your robot for, make sure not to miss our very educational video on how robots are made.

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