This Is How Subaru Made Their Most Powerful Engine Ever, the STI S209

This video will tell you everything you need to know about the first time America got an exclusive S Line Subaru STI.

We all love Engineering Explained's Jason Fenske not only because he speaks to the engineer in all of us, but because he has a distinct love for cars and all their wonderful majestic inner workings. In this video, he brings us the story of how Subaru made their most powerful engine ever: Subaru STI S209.

As usual, Fenske has reached out to Subaru to get all his information accurate and from the actual relevant source. He shares all that data with us in his usual clear, precise and direct style.

"The Subaru STI S209 is the first time America gets an exclusive S Line Subaru STI. With a bigger turbo, revised intake and exhaust, new tune, and water injection system, the car now puts down 341 horsepower from its 2.5L boxer EJ25 engine. Forged pistons and connecting rods ensure the engine is up to the added pressures, and wider 265 bespoke tires all around, combined with Subaru's DCCD AWD system ensure the power is put down without a fuss. Here's how Subaru made their most powerful engine ever," says his video's description.

We were super excited to hear about Subaru's water sprayed intercooler, and we can promise you that this video will explain all its capabilities even for those with less mechanics experience. So stop reading and start watching!

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