This Is How We May Tackle Extreme Weather Events

What causes extreme weather events and what can be done the thwart them?
Loukia Papadopoulos

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From fire tornadoes to double tornadoes, extreme weather events are all around us, and they seem to only be getting worse. The general consensus is that they are caused by climate change.

But is this true? Are weather events worse now, or do we just have more knowledge of them in a world filled with instantaneous reporting?

Certain experts definitely believe they are all human-caused while others argue these events would occur with or without human input.

The IPCC, for example, states that these occurrences are also the result of natural climate variability as well as, “decadal or multi-decadal variations in the climate [which] provide the backdrop for anthropogenic climate changes."

Which of these scenarios are true? Are extreme weather events all because of the anthropogenic activity or are they also a consequence of natural changes? That is one question we seek to answer in this video. Why?

Because finding out what is causing these events is key to figuring out how to stop them. And although experts may not agree on the source of these weather abnormalities, we can all agree they are very damaging to our planet and its people.

So, what, if anything can be done, to thwart extreme weather events? Watch the video to find out more.

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