This Is How You Can Make Rubies in a Microwave

The process involves generating a plasma.

If you want to get some synthetic rubies, you can either pay for them or create them. YouTuber NightHawkInLight shares his formula for creating rubies in a microwave and we must admit he piqued our curiosity.

The YouTuber explains that rubies are simply red sapphires and that all sapphires are made of aluminum oxide. To make the aluminum oxide turn red you simply mix in some green chromium oxide (about 2 percent). This results in a green seed powder that will turn into a red ruby under the right amount of heat.

The next step once you have this formula is to get a microwave kiln. NightHawkInLight seems unclear at first whether the kiln would actually have the power to melt his seed material together. And, indeed, the microwave kiln does not work.

So, the YouTuber decides to generate a plasma in the microwave. This time his test proves more successful as a UV light indicates the creation of tiny rubies. He then proceeds to repeat the same plasma method on a larger scale in order to generate bigger rubies. What happens then? Does the intrepid YouTuber get the rubies he was so diligently working toward? Watch the video to find out.



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