This Is How You Can Start a Fire With Just a Hammer And a Nail

The Crazy Russian Hacker shows you how to get a fire started with a hammer and some brute force.
Jessica Miley

The crazy Russian hacker is back with tips on how to start your summer bbq. All that you need is a hammer, a nail, and a lot of patience. The hacker aka Taras Kulakov, hits the nail over and over again until the nail gets hot enough to cause a piece of paper to combust.

He manages to set a piece of newspaper on fire, but after what he admits is several hours of work and switching of hammers, nails and flammable material to get the right combination. Long story short, this is a cool trick but you wouldn’t want to rely on this to get your stove going for dinner.

What is great like all Crazy Russian hacker videos is his honesty about his experiments and their failures. This is not a slick production, but rather a charismatic friend showing you something he looked up on the internet.

The trick works because the force the hammer hitting the nail heats the nail. The Russian says in other videos he watched the nail got so hot it glowed.

The hacker as always makes safety the number one priority and urges his viewers to wear gloves, goggles and even ear protection. If banging things with a heavy hammer isn’t your idea of fun, have a look at some of the other summer-themed videos that the hacker has made like testing ice cream gadgets. In this delicious video, the hacker tries out some gadgets relating to everyone's favorite summer treat.