This Is How You Can Survive a Plane Crash

A YouTuber tells the sordid tales of plane crash survivors.
Loukia Papadopoulos

YouTuber Thoughty2 brings us the interesting tale of a plane crash that occurred back on Christmas eve of 1971. He does not tell us whether the story is true or not. He simply outlines the tale of a then 17-year-old girl named Juliana Kapka. The flight was from Lima in Peru.

The young woman was meant to travel earlier but she begged her mother to stay a bit longer to attend a school event. Her mother eventually gave in and Juliana traveled later.

On the day of her trip, the weather was dreadful and the crew had many reservations about flying. But due to the grueling seasonal schedule, they decided to go ahead anyway.

This was a mistake as, when flying, the plane was struck by lightning causing an internal fire. As the fire raged on the crew tried all they could to stop it but were unsuccessful and the plane ended up crashing with only one survivor: Juliana.

Thoughty2 goes on to explain the arduous journey Juliana would go through before she could find help in the forest where the plane had crashed but the real lesson of this story is that she managed to survive.

The YouTuber goes on to say that he believes you can indeed survive a plane crash and cites other examples of people having done so. Do you think you could be one of them? Hope you don't have to, but watch the video to find out anyway.

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