This Is the Only Town in the U.S. With a Population of One

Have you ever been curious how a town with a single resident would function?
Loukia Papadopoulos

Have you heard of Monowi, Nebraska? Chances are you haven't because this tiny town has only one single resident. Yes, you read that correctly - only one resident.

Elsie Eiler is its only resident, and she runs the local bar and library, serves as mayor, clerk, and treasurer of the local government. Talk about multi-tasking...

But things were not always this bleak for the little town of Monowi. Once upon a time, Monowi had 150 residents. It was during that time that Eiler lived, grew up, and even met her husband there.

But as the economy started regressing, people flocked to cities, and the town started to lose residents. By 1980, there were only 18 residents left. And by 2000, it was just Eiler and her husband.

Together, they ran the local tavern, but when Rudy passed, Eiler remained the sole resident of Monowi, Nebraska. And now, Eiler runs the town all by herself. 

She runs the bar, which requires a license that she issues herself as mayor. Each election period, she runs an election in which she votes for herself. She pays taxes and secures state funding all by herself.

And that's not all she does. Running a town, even one with one resident, is no easy task. And surprisingly, Eiler has a perfect grasp of the entire concept, and she does a better job of explaining that than we ever could. So, we will leave you to watch the video for the rest of the details!

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