This Is the Problem with the Concrete in Our Cities

Concrete is a key part of cement. However, cement is highly polluting.

Did you know that concrete was bad for the planet? MinuteEarth explains in this video exactly why.

Concrete turned into cement is essential to our ever-growing cities. But making cement is very polluting.

Cement is made from sand rocks and water. But manufacturing it requires lost of fossil fuels.

For every ton of cement, we produce about one ton of CO2 is emitted. As cities become more crowded, this problem becomes more huge.

A game-changing solution would be to remove limestone from cement. This is the part that releases CO2 when it breaks down.

There are alternatives to this. However, most are too expensive or in the early stages of development. Some, however, are being used.

If we could build all our cities with limestone-free cement, we would be very much helping our planet.

As we keep building more and more cities to accommodate increasing populations, it is important to consider other alternatives.

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