This Is the Solution to That Really Tricky Google and Amazon Interview Question

YouTuber Zach Star breaks it down for you so you can understand perfectly.

There's a tricky question asked at Google and Amazon interviews that is bound to stump you. However, worry not as YouTuber Zach Star is here with the solution in this fun video.

The question goes like this: let's say you have a stick that you will randomly cut in three pieces. What are the odds that the three pieces created can form a triangle?

If the three pieces are about equal in size, you can make a triangle. If, however, you have two much smaller pieces, you can not.

It should also be known that for a triangle to be made, the two shortest lengths combined need to be bigger than the third. How does that relate to our question? Well, you have to watch the video for that.

We won't give you the solution here. After all, Zach Star does a better job of explaining it than we ever could. We will only tell you will come to understand the problem and its solution, and as an extra bonus, you will be prepared should that question ever arise in your interviews.

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