This Is the Story of the Island That Keeps Appearing and Disappearing

The island is called Graham Island, Julia or Ferdinandia depending on where you are from.

Have you heard of the island that disappears and appears all by itself? Yes, it's true. And, no, there's no magician in the background controlling everything...

Could this be true or is it just a hoax?

Against all that is logical, the island does actually exist and Half as Interesting brings us its story in this video. The island is called Graham Island, Julia, or Ferdinandia depending on where you are from and it is created by an underwater volcano's explosion.

That means that in terms of scenery it kind of sucks. Not much can grow on freshly spawned lava. Not to mention that it smells like sulfur and is tiny. But it is however located on a very strategic piece of the sea.

It stands in the middle of where the Mediterranean passes between Sicily and Tunisia. This means that whoever controls the tiny island exerts control over a key sea route.

What does this mean for this island? Who owns it now and most importantly where does it go when it disappears? These are all key questions that the video answers for us. We won't tell you more here. You have to watch the video to find out.

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