This Is What a Rocket Would Do to Your Finger

The test, of course, was not conducted on a finger but on a steak.
Loukia Papadopoulos

If you haven't heard of YouTuber The Backyard Scientist then you are missing out on some very fun and educational videos. This intrepid YouTuber tries all kinds of experiments that regular folk are too scared or just too lazy to undertake.

In the past, he has mounted a highly-dangerous 200-watt laser to the roof of his car and built a giant mousetrap vehicle. Now, he is back to answer the question: what would happen to your finger if it came in contact with a rocket?

Of course, in order to answer this question, he first has to build a rocket which is no easy feat. Even though the YouTuber visited SpaceX he was not able to get any information from the company on how to build a rocket so instead, he followed the instructions of a Russian YouTuber.

Once, he built his small but powerful rocket he decided to test it on a steak to get an idea of how the rocket would impact human flesh without actually endangering anyone. Wise idea!

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So what did the rocket do to the steak? How is it related to the huge rockets found on space ships? Watch the video to find out more.

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