This is What Happens When Scooters Meet Playground Physics

Ever wondered what would happen if you powered a merry-go-round with a scooter? Save yourself the injuries and watch this video to find out.
Jessica Miley

Conquering the trials and tribulations of a local playground is an important part in lots of kids' developments. While there's plenty of fun to be had, there's also normally some injuries sustained. Playgrounds are relatively safe spaces for kids to test their limits as well as learn what activities have harmful consequences. 

Generally though these injuries are just a part of growing up and they happen less often as children grow and get bigger, stronger and smarter.

Well, most of them do. 

In this video four grown men decide it's a great idea to get power a merry-go-round with a scooter and see what will happen if you sit in the middle of it. The rear wheel of the scooter is placed up against the merry go round and the throttle opened up.

Three men cling to each other and the handles in the middle. As the merry-go-round increases in speed you can see the forces on the guy's body is pretty intense. To the point well, yeah, you guessed it. Physics steps in. The force gets too much for one of the three and he goes flying off the merry-go-round. It actually looks pretty nasty and we can only hope he is ok.

We salute these ‘brave’ souls for wearing helmets but have to question what on earth compelled them to do it in the first place. But a quick YouTube search of scooter and merry-go-round proves that for lots of scooter owners, the pull of the playground never got old.