This is What Living in the World's Coldest Town is Like

YouTube channel Half as Interesting explores what life is like in Verkhoyansk, the world's coldest town.

Verkhoyansk is a town in the Verkhoyansky District of the Sakha Republic, Russia. It is located on the Yana River near the Arctic Circle.

It is known worldwide for its exceptionally low winter temperatures, making it at times the coldest permanently inhabited place on Earth. However, its population is not large. As of a 2010 Census, its population was a mere 1,311.

It also has some of the greatest temperature differences on Earth, being extremely cold in winter and extremely hot in summer. What would it be like to live in such a place?

YouTuber Half as Interesting decided to explore the question and brought us this video illustration. Done with the usual fast-paced approach we have come to expect from the channel, and the clip really covers what life in Verkhoyansk would be like.

The narrator even reveals some small benefits the weather extremes have, although they are not much to write home about! The video is not just educational; it will also make you feel happy you live in a relatively stable weather zone even with the latest weather phenomena.

Half as Interesting describe their videos as "education-y explainer videos that are almost good enough to watch." We think they are humble so watch this clip and see for yourselves.

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