This is What Space's Role is in the 5G Revolution

This detailed video by the European Space Agency explains what space has to do with 5G.
Loukia Papadopoulos

What does 5G have to do with space you may ask? And that is a valid question.

Who better to explain it than a space agency. The European Space Agency (ESA) put together this nifty video to explain exactly what their role may be in 5G adoption.

"Everybody is talking about 5G, the new generation of wireless communication. We are at the start of a revolution in connectivity for everything, everywhere, at all times. Space plays an important roll in this revolution. We need satellites to ensure businesses and citizens can benefit smoothly from 5G," reads the video's description.

The video is well-illustrated and covers all the broad applications of 5G. But more importantly, it explains how space agencies will help its advent.

"Satellite for 5G would need uninterrupted coverage at unprecedented capacity which terrestrial networks can't guarantee," says the video's host. This is where space agencies come in.

We won't tell you what their exact role is. You have to watch the video for that. We will tell you it is a fun educational journey.

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