This Is What Would Happen If We Covered the Sahara With Solar Panels

The Sahara gets more than 3,600 hours of sun a year, but is covering it with solar panels a good idea?
Loukia Papadopoulos

The Sahara Desert is known for being the largest desert in the world. It's nearly the same size as China and spans across 10 different countries and three different time zones. All in all, it is massive! So YouTuber RealLifeLore decided to ask a key question: What would happen if we covered the Sahara desert with solar panels? 

No area in the world gets more sun a year than the Sahara desert. On average, it accumulates more than 3,600 hours of sun a year, and a chunk right in the middle of the desert actually achieves more than 4,000 hours a year.

According to a bold claim by the German solar company Desertec, a small patch of land in the Sahara could produce enough solar energy to power the whole world. Impressive!

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So is this fact true? What would happen if we put solar farms all around the Sahara? And what problems may arise when doing so? RealLifeLore answers these questions and more in this well-thought-out and well-executed video. 

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