This is What's Inside The Limited Edition Tesla Surfboards

Only 200 of these boards were ever made and they boasted a price tag of US $1500.

The intrepid father-son duo from YouTube channel What's Inside? sure do love all things Tesla. In the past, they have made many videos on Tesla products from what is inside a Tesla tire to what is inside a Tesla battery pack.

Now, they are back with a look at what is inside the limited edition Tesla surfboard. You may remember the Tesla surfboards as only 200 were made and they had a price of $1500.

The custom-made boards featured a mix of the same matte and gloss finishes used on Tesla vehicles. They also featured patented tech from the world's most recognizable surfboard brand Lost Surfboards.

In this engaging clip, Dan and Lincoln take the Tesla surfboard for a try out in the ocean before proceeding to take it apart to show us what is inside. We have to wonder how they got their hands on such a rare product and feel a little sad to see it destroyed.

Still, the outcome is worth it as we get to finally see what is inside this much-sought after surfboard. They even bring in a friend that worked at a surfboard shop to see if this board is any different from the rest out there. 

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