This is why astronauts complete fighter jet training

Hint: it's practice for high-risk stressful situations.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Back in May, we brought you the news that SpaceX was training astronauts for the world's first commercial spacewalk. The mission was called Polaris Dawn, and it was set to be revolutionary.

The crew on the mission will consist of Jared Isaacman and three others, and the trip will last five days. You may remember Isaacman as the billionaire who organized the Inspiration4 private astronaut mission that spent three days in orbit in September 2021.

Now a new video has surfaced of the Everyday Astronaut Tim Dodd training with astronauts of the Polaris Dawn mission on fighter jets. This begs the question: why do astronauts need fighter jet training?

Dodd says it is to teach them to handle stressful and high-risk situations. Indeed, what can be more stressful and high-risk than a flight to space or a trip on a fighter jet?

So how exactly do flying fighter jets help prepare astronauts? What's so special about the aircraft? Do they recreate conditions found in space? Is there a skill required by fighter jet pilots that can be replicated for astronauts? Dodd answers all these questions and more.

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