This Is Why Earthquakes Are so Hard to Predict

This video by MinuteEarth explains the many complications of predicting earthquakes early enough to evacuate properly.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Earthquakes are natural disasters that take cities by storm. Unfortunately, they are hard to predict early enough to evacuate properly. Why?

This video by MinuteEarth goes through the details of predicting earthquakes and why the science is that complex. To be able to predict these quakes in a reasonable time to make a difference, we need to understand a lot more about how they work. 

But that part is not easy explains the video."We have tried looking backward at earthquakes that already happened and identifying events that occurred in the days before they hit like multiple mini-quakes, big releases in radon gas, changes in magnetism and even weird animal behavior to see if any of these were predictors of an impending earthquake," says the video narrator.