This Is Why It Actually Used to Be Legal to Mail Babies

Who knew you had to make a law against such a thing?
Loukia Papadopoulos

Did you know that it was actually legal to mail babies? Yes, it's true, and before you go and say that no one would want to mail a baby, you should know about Jesse and Matilda Beagle, from Glenneast Ohio.

They are the first case of people actually mailing their baby 107 years ago. They paid 15 cents in postage to send their son, who was 10lbs at the time to their grandmother's house. 

Although we can all agree this is very irresponsible parenting, the reason why this was possible was that there was actually no law against it. And did people take advantage of that?

You bet they did! The Beagles weren't the only ones who mailed their babies. It happened in a few more occurrences. 

We won't give you the details on that. You have to watch the video for that. We will tell you the facts will leave you shocked and astounded.

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