This is Why We Can't Get Power From Waves

MinuteEarth explains the complications related to wave energy.

The ocean is covered with waves of energy that could be used to provide all the world's energy needs. But currently, that is just not a possibility.

MinuteEarth is here to explain why. The reason for this is because we have not figured out a way to use waves to spin turbines. Aside from solar panels, all our current energy comes from spinning turbines.

A wave is just a local oscillating motion and therefore can not make the turbines spin. This is the problem with wave energy.

In addition, building things in the ocean is not only expensive it also comes with the added burden that whatever is exposed to the ocean's saltwater and debris will break down often.

The truth is we just don't yet have a cost-effective way to harness and use wave energy.


But don't take our word for it. Instead, watch MinuteEarth's video which explains it far better than we could ever do. It also illustrates it with their fun and informative drawings.


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