This Jet Engine Afterburner Puts Other Go-Karts to Shame

A DIY builder showcased his insane steel afterburner for his award-winning go-kart.
Shelby Rogers

It's like a Super-Mario Kart special feature in real life. YouTube's Andy Morris specializes in the most insane go-karts adrenaline junkies could ever imagine. While not all of his videos go viral, this one certainly did; it boasts over 4.8 million views. 

"Testing new afterburner on my diy gasturbine powered kart, this is a similar engine to the one in (Morris's friend) Dan Goodwins, Trident Peel car that set a new world record for a peel trident at Santa Pod's, Flame and Thunder 2014."

Yet people still cannot get enough of this video featuring Morris's afterburner up close. The top comment expresses just that from YouTube user electronicsNmore: "Amazing that nozzle does not melt being white hot. Must be made of titanium."

Not quite titanium, according to the builder. Morris said he made the nozzle out of 310 stainless steel. This particular kart even managed to set some records, which can be found here

Want to keep up with more of Morris's builds? Interested in getting into DIY karting yourself? Check out his Facebook page at DIY GasTurbines.

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