This Jet Fan Powered E-bike is the Bike You Never Knew You Needed

Looking to upgrade your e-bike? Tech Ingredients has got a project for you.
Donovan Alexander

Like something out of the Jetsons, this jet fan powered electric bike may be the bike you need to get for 2019 and beyond. Master of cool inventive projects, Youtuber Tech Ingredients again demonstrates his impressive engineering in one of his latest videos.

In the approximately 15-minute video, Tech Ingredients breaks down the design and construction of his electric jet fan powered e-bike. Admiring the extreme efficiency of the e-bike, the Youtuber decided to mount the mini jet fan on the rear end of the bike, rather than directing energy directly to the wheels, thrusting the bike forward.

The beauty of this rear wheel design is that the bike does of have to be modified at all to fit the new jet fan. Secondly, as stated by Tech Ingredients, it looks really cool. Who didn’t imagine having some type of jet engine attached to their bike as a kid? Using a simple fifteen dollar bike mount, Tech Ingredients was able to add the jet fan.