This Jogging Stroller Lets You Take Your Kid on Your Fitness Adventure

The kidRunner is a pram with a difference. Designed to strap on to your waist as you run, you'll never have an excuse not to fit in a jog.
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Take your kid off road in this multi-terrain kid jogger. Wanna get out for a run but have a small child that just can’t keep up? Check out the efficient design of this jogging accessory. To use, simply strap the breathable waistband around your body and start running. The ergonomic design of the jogger works with your movement, not against it, and unlike other pram type joggers, you have your arms free to keep you strong and balanced.

The carriage is comfy enough for a child aged between 6 months to about 4.5 years or from the weight range of 10lbs to 50lbs. The kidRunner is designed for a wide range of surfaces and trails. It includes a patent-pending harmonic dampening system (HDS) that means a smooth ride for both parent and child on trails, sand road, and urban tracks. The kidRunner is available now on pre-order for $895, the product is expected to ship in the Spring of 2018. The kidRunner seems to be quite enjoyable for the children riding along. The kidRunner website says that during testing a large percentage of the children actually fell asleep during their trip.

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Running has become an increasingly popular hobby for people of all ages and the kidRunner means that new parents don’t have to miss out. The device is light, portable and weighs only 25lbs, which according to the kidRunner designers is 30 percent lighter than other running prams on the market

Via: KidRunners

This Jogging Stroller Lets You Take Your Kid on Your Fitness Adventure

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