This Kayaker Will Take You On An Amazing Journey Through An Abandoned Ship

Jessica Miley

We all dream of exploring uncharted territories and this ship might just be the spot to get that feeling. Watch as this lucky traveler kayaks inside the belly of a huge abandoned ship. The boat in question is the Evangelia, shipwrecked off the coast of Romania since 1968.

The boat is close enough to shore to comfortably reach by kayak and if the tide is right, you can go in through a small opening in the ship's side and have a poke around. The giant hull provides a spooky and tranquil atmosphere for the kayaking trip. So while you certainly aren’t breaking new ground, going inside the rusting hulk of such a huge ship is a once-in-a lifetime experience. You could be forgiven for believing you are inside a scene from Tomb Raider. But it isn’t recommended that you get out of the boat.  The ship is in a significant state of decay and the rust surfaces will surely inflict a nasty cut.

The wreck is located off the coast of the Romanian resort town, Costinești by the Black Sea. The resort is a popular place for local and international visitors attracted by its beautiful beaches and lively nightlife. The abandoned ship has become somewhat of a mascot for the local area. The ship was built in Northern Ireland in 1942, it operated for roughly twenty years under the name Empire Strength, before being purchased by its Greek owner in 1965 and being renamed E Evangelia in 1965.

Via RM Videos

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