This Lightweight Plastic Ribbon Is Stronger Than Steel

This flexible plastic strip has a tensile strength of 900 kg. It can be shaped with heat into any form and weighs less than half a kilo per 30 metres.
Jessica Miley

This flexible plastic strip is as strong as steel and as malleable as putty. Called Braeön, the plastic is super high strength and super low weight. Once heat is applied to it, the tape molecularly fuses to itself in a matter of seconds. Braeön can be heated and pressed into any shape, once cool and hard it creates a bond as strong as steel. The tape is more versatile than rope and can be used in almost every application. From mending anything to creating emergency towing equipment Braeön is the product for the job. It has a tensile strength of 900 kg and 30 m of tape weighs less than half a kilo.

The unusual name of the product comes from the ancient Norse word “bræða” meaning things that are bonded together. The company's website describes the inspiration of the name saying: ‘The concept for a Norse name comes from mythology where “Gleipnir” was created to bind the mighty wolf, Fenrir. The Gods commissioned the dwarves to create a chain that was impossible to break. According to the mythology, Gleipnir is as thin as a silken ribbon and stronger than any iron chain.' The product was funded on Kickstarter but experienced some delays in production, their Facebook page says they are now ready to launch into manufacturing. Subscribe to the company’s social media channels to be the first to find out where to purchase the miracle material.