This Low-Flying Crop Duster Pilot Will Take You on a Thrilling Ride

Crop dusting pilot Butch Fisher shows off his skills and agricultural knowledge in this entertaining video.
Jessica Miley

Taking a ride in a crop duster is a good reminder of how talented these specialized pilots are. Not only are they monitoring their surroundings and making adjustments for changing conditions such as close by road traffic, the pilots are also constantly measuring and adjusting to the ever-changing weather and wind conditions. Every detail is noted to ensure the spraying is completed with minimal wastage and to avoid any overspray. All this is done from the cockpit of a tiny plane moving at high speeds and making really tight corners on an unusual flight path. In this featured video, you can hitch a ride with crop duster expert Butch Fisher as he dusts a crop of wheat in Ohio. 

Keep watching to see Fisher try out some Top Gun moves as he narrowly misses a tree. The other reason to watch this video in its entirety is that is highly possible this ancient art of crop dusting will soon be handed over to an autonomous drone. Headway in the industry has already been made with drones capable of carrying payloads to do small crop dusting tasks. The next few years will no doubt see a growth in drones capable of heavier payloads and longer flights and the league of crop dusting pilots will be gone.

Via: Ohio Ag Net & Ohio's Country Journal