This Machine Eats Giant Rocks for Breakfast

The PTH crusher makes light work of rocks, stones and concrete. It uses patented technology to crush incredibly hard materials with ease.

This Austrian designed machine can crush rocks or concrete by simply driving over them. Designed to increase efficiency of road building, the PTH can be used to either destroy old roads that need to be replaced or to crush stone and rock in the way of new roads.

PTH is a family run business from Austria who pride themselves on developing the most efficient and environmentally conscious machinery for use in streets, forests and alpine road maintenance services. Aside from the PTH crusher, they create a suite of machines that work together to create and maintain roads in all conditions.

Their website states that their products are "characterised by a high degree of reliability, patented high-performance tools, replaceable interior wearing parts and highest quality standards for all components! They assist you in mastering the most difficult tasks quickly, easily and economically, while maintaining highest quality.” The machines are designed with the safety and comfort of the driver in mind and are suitable for many types of rroad construction. But the company also encourages the use of their crushers and rollers for the creation of sporting venues, new grazing areas for wild or farmed animals, ski slopes and car parks that are located in areas with particularly hard bases. The PTH crusher can also be used to crush paving stones or railway track ballast.

Via: PTH 

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