This Massive Robotic Printer Can Draw Anything You Want in Sand

YouTube creator Ivan Miranda shows off his latest invention; a clever autonomous robot that can write in sand.
Jessica Miley

Leaving a romantic message in sand for your crush now has a technological twist thanks to this amazing machine from Ivan Miranda. The ingenious inventor has invented a self-propelling sand drawing machine.

The machine carves line after line in the sand to create words that stand out really well against the flat wet sand of the beach Miranda chose to test his invention. The video is a delight to watch not only to witness the great sand writer in action, but Miranda is obviously thrilled with the success of his invention, repeating again and again, just how amazing it is.

Miranda makes a new project each week, he creates videos on a range of topics and project types ranging from digital fabrication, 3D printing, electronics, woodworking, instrument making, metalworking, sports, and ‘anything geeky in general’. He says he hopes to inspire others to get out and make interesting things.

If you go back through Miranda's catalog you can see some development of the sand writer as well as a bunch of other cool videos that utilize lots of 3D printing. Miranda falls into the category of other How-to creators on YouTube that show you how to make very complex projects that although are likely to be out of reach for many home viewers, serves as an inspiration springboard for their own ideas.